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Anthony Magnetti, a Utah native, found his artistic passion while growing up in the rugged beauty of Southern Utah’s deserts, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for ceramics and nature.


After earning his BFA from Southern Utah University, Magnetti embarked on a unique path, spending twelve years balancing his artistic practice with the demanding duties of a wildland firefighter. During this time, he discovered a profound sense of purpose in mentoring at-risk youth, using firefighting as a powerful tool for guidance and inspiration.


His artistic practice took an unexpected turn when he began to collect discarded “happy birthday” balloons from remote wilderness areas during his firefighting duties. This exploration reflects both his fascination with human ingenuity and his poignant observations on the environmental impacts of human activities. “Finding waste in the woods is both exciting and disheartening. It is evidence of humanity’s incredible capabilities and our simultaneous disregard for our surroundings.”


In 2020, Magnetti made the decision to transition from the USDA Forest Service to pursue his art full-time and received an MFA from the University of Miami in 2023. He currently divides his time between Ogden, UT, and South Beach, FL, where he continues to create thought-provoking artworks that reflect his deep connection to nature and his commitment to environmental stewardship. 

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